Emerentsia Group is a company in progress right now. We'll be launching fully with our website during 2025, slowly establishing this site as the central hub for all our business activities, products and future services on offer.

We're a business based out of Gusselby in Sweden, and the company is owned by Nathalie M.L. Römer and B. Anders Davidson who also co-own Emerentsia Publications, which is going to become a subsidiary, proprietary entity within Emerentsia Group.

Our product and services range is still in development for now however as we progress with our online presence we'll also update this website.

Right now, you can visit Emerentsia Publications to check what we've been up to over, and check over the products - a selection of published books. Additional plans include the creation of curated websites with specific topics in mind.

We're a small business with big plans and big ideas. We want to keep creating products, we got websites to design and populate with good, useful information, we're developing services, and we're looking to go online with an online store.

So, who are Nathalie and Anders, the owners of this business? Nathalie also works as a full-time book author, while Anders works full-time in a local company and writes books part-time. As you can guess, we're doing all this stuff over here part-time, whenever we got time... for now! A few hours every day can get much done really. Nathalie, the main driving force around here is used to writing so that's all that's needed to grow the content on display. Both individuals have their own plans for the business. We look forward to unveiling them over due course...

So, we're at our new home, with a new website and we want to give you a warm welcome from both of us to all our visitors, both current and future ones.

We're launching soon...

Photography by Nathalie M.L. Römer. All rights reserved.  Used with permission.
Photography by Nathalie M.L. Römer. All rights reserved.  Used with permission.

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